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Tanzania In 1964, shortly after independence, Tanganyika merged with the Island of Zanzibar to become Tanzania. The mainland of Tanzania is dominated by savannah plateau lying east of the great Rift Valley. To the north lies Mount Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti National Park. The climate is tropical, and most people have settled on the narrow coastal plain or in the north. The economy is largely dependent upon agriculture, which accounts for almost 50% of GDP. Coffee, cotton and sisal are the main exports, with cloves from Zanzibar. Agricultural processing and diamond mining are the main industries, though tourism is growing.

Schluters in Tanzania...

We have been actively involved in the Tanzanian coffee market since 1934. We currently have an associated company based in Moshi (A.C.C. Ltd), along with a small coffee farm in the South of the country. We market coffees available from auction as well as those from several estates, pulpery projects, and co-operatives.

Our contact in Tanzania:
AFRICAN COFFEE COMPANY LTD, 2nd Floor NPF House, P.O. Box 8798, Moshi, Tanzania
Attention: MR. ELLIOT BENTZEN, Tel: +41.22.365.7081, Mobile:+41.(0)79.788.2862, Email: africof@kilionline.com, elliot@schluter.ch
Type of coffee Arabica
Main Regions North: Kilamanjaro
South: Ruvuma, Songea, Mbozi, Makambako
West: Bukoba
Marketing System Auction
Direct Sale
Process Washed
Fully Washed
Natural (Bukoba)
Harvest Season April – December
(shipments October – March)
Port of Shipment Dar es Salaam, Tanga
Cupping Characteristics Balanced in body, bright acidity & flavour. Southern Arabicas have fruity flavour.